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Garrett C. Jones Band ToGGether

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My name is Garrett C. Jones. I was about 9 or 10 years old when I started Band ToGGether. I have two brothers, one younger brother named Gavin, and an older brother named Peter. Gavin and I have a rare disorder called Pelizeaus Merzbacher Disease, PMD. One day I was watching a TV show about kids starting a business. and I got the idea to start selling rubber bands to help my parents take care of me and Gavin.

After high school, I went to a transition program called Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education, ICRE. I had an Art Therapy class that was my favorite class. I learned about color and abstract art. This gave me the freedom to express myself because PMD makes it hard for me to write or draw on paper well. My advisor, a speech therapist, introduced me to a computer program called Paint 3D. I could use my computer and my power wheelchair joystick to do my art when I wanted.

At ICRE, I also learned art could be used as a business.

During the 2020 lockdown I did a lot of art and wanted to share it with others in a fun and functional way. My aunt suggested that I put my artwork on mugs. From there I restarted my business Band ToGGether, with 2 Gs for Garrett and Gavin. So far, I have done a festival, a market, an expo and sell mugs by word-of-mouth.

I want people to enjoy their “cuppa… in a mug of colorful inspiration.”

As my family and I continue to build my business, you can contact us at:

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