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Our Name

Our name was inspired by the creative talents of the students of the Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education-Roosevelt.  The students of this school all have severe physical disabilities however, with the use of advanced assistive technology, and the assistance of dedicated teachers, therapists, technicians and believers, the students’ creative and inspired artistic talent has been given a voice.  These students have been given many challenges in life, but they remind us, that they are gifted in some amazing and uplifting ways.  Lucky for us – they share their gifts and talents with the world!

More than just a store....

Artfully Gifted Foundation (AGF) was founded in 2013 for the purpose of supporting young entrepreneurs with disabilities.  With both a retail site and now an e-commerce website, we strive to provide a platform for these entrepreneurs to present their products to a wide audience.  Working with the Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education –Roosevelt (ICRE-R) we are able to provide a training site for students interested in retail, as well as to provide a means for their students to test-market their works of art and products made in their vocational training classes.


In the future the Foundation plans to expand to provide financial support to these entrepreneurs, expand our retail sites, create opportunities for employment for persons with disabilities, and participate in the expansion of housing options for persons with disabilities.  

AGF is an independent non-profit with an independent eleven member board of directors.  All sales revenue generated by AGF retail center and internet sales, is retained within AGF.  Current surpluses are used to build the social enterprise and support increased purchases from our vendors.

"We strive to provide
a platform for these 
entrepreneurs to present their products to
a wide audience."

The Artfully Gifted Foundation exists to support the Entrepreneurial efforts of people with disabilities. We believe that entrepreneurship, small business ownership, micro-enterprises and other self-employment business models offer people with disabilities the opportunity to improve their income, network with other business owners and citizens, expand their connections, and share their unique talents with the world.

Many times, persons with disabilities face unique challenges that impact their access to
education, vocational training, and employment. That reality not only limits their income and participation in society, it often leads to a life without meaningful choices. The Artfully Gifted Foundation provides access to business planning classes, an informational website that promotes our entrepreneurs and connections to their selling platforms, as well as, information regarding grants. We strive to provide informational webinars and resources that entrepreneurs with disabilities may find useful in their businesses.


Your support and donations allow us to continue providing these services and financial
assistance required for entrepreneurs with disabilities to start, run and grow their small

MADE For You

Everyone has to start somewhere, and here at Artfully Gifted we support young learning creators with real world orders. Supervised by profesionals, they get a real taste of what its like to produce high quality custom work. Vist our Custom Orders page for more.

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