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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We say that a loss for words is priceless. 

Jordan Jackson, Creator of Jackson Photo Revival​

Jordan came across a picture of his brother, who at that time had already passed on. Seeing the photo flooded him with a rush of emotions, and it brought him back to the very moment that the picture was taken.

But, the image was damaged. It was fading.


He​ thought to himself, "A memory like this is simply to important to fade away." He knew that it needed to be saved. So, he learned all that he could about digital photo repair and repaired the photo.

When his mother saw the finished photograph, it brought tears to her eyes. And, in that moment, Jordan realized that he has a strong passion for saving and restoring old or damaged photos---old memories, that is. 

Jordan and his mother started this company because they want others to feel the same emotions that they felt upon Jordan's repairing the photo of his brother. Now, their mission is to breathe new life into beloved photographs. 

Contact me to learn more!

Thank you!

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