Delighting customers with every stitch

Penelope Rosas, CEO of Family Embroidery 

Penelope has always been interested in fashion and design. She was born in Chicago and paralyzed as the result of a car accident at the age of 6 years old. Penelope is non-verbal and uses a communication device to express her ideas. Penelope became interested in embroidery after taking a computer embroidery class at ICRE-Roosevelt. She has developed a personal business she calls "Family Embroidery" because she receives some assistance from members of her family.

Using a head mouse, she operates computerized embroidery software to create designs that are then sewn on various items of clothing. Currently, Penelope is focusing her business on embroidery for infants. She embroiders baby bibs, hats, blankets, bath towels, and a variety of clothing items with original designs. But, don't be mistaken---she also embroiders countless other items for individuals of all ages and for the home. In fact, she is able to customize any item for any customer!

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1950 West Roosevelt Road, Chicago IL, 60608, | 312.733.5009