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Babette Payton
    On Target


My name is Babette Peyton. I am a disabled veteran, Aspiring Olympic Archer, and the happiest, most positive person I hope that you'll ever meet! I want to share with you my life adventures and in the process, inspire you to live your best life ever!

I suffered a disability while in the service, and while in rehabilitation I knew depression and despondency. However, God's Love, the love of friends, the sport of Archery, and the people I've met through these experiences have helped me to find a new purpose and zest for life. I sincerely wish to share the love and miracles that I've been given to help other people live their best lives!

I do this through teaching and coaching Archery.  I worked hard to attain my Level 3 Coaching certification and I am ready to spread the joy of the sport and in the process, give back so much of what I have been blessed to receive. 

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