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Alex Webber
Fearless Traveler

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    My motto in life:
“Wherever You Go, Go with All Your Heart”

My name is Alex Weber.  I graduated from Loyola University Chicago in May 2014. A few days later I started my first full time job at the Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo’s  Endocrinology Department. I loved my job, and the people I worked with. I had big plans as that January I had booked a flight to Australia to work, and then get my master’s degree.

Unfortunately, that September my doctor discovered a brain tumor. I had emergency surgery and found out it was a golf ball sized tumor on my cerebellum called medulloblastoma.

I spent weeks in the hospital and went from running cross country and being an avid climber and outdoor person to not being able to stand without help. I still have ataxia and a variety of other conditions.  I am lucky to have a great support system!

I will not be able to pursue my career as a Biologist, however I am able to continue developing my artistic skills and build a business around my passion for travel, photography, and jewelry making.

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