1950 West Roosevelt Road, Chicago IL, 60608,

aaron.maass@artfullygifted.org | 312.733.5009

Taron Parker, Owner of Taron's Lamps and Things

Taron was born with severe learning disabilities and felt very ostracized at school by his peers. However, in his senior year of high school, an assigned project led Taron to the idea of designing lampshades. Just prior to high school graduation, he learned of an Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education - Roosevelt (ICRE-R) program that helped him get his business started. He quickly joined it and has been enjoying self-employment ever since. 

Taron loves the comradeship he shares with the other entrepreneurs, the creativity that owning his own business allows him, and learning from the Artfully Gifted volunteers about how to make his business more profitable.

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