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Phase 1 - START

Ready for your business dreams to take root? In the START phase, we will dig deep to figure out whether or not entrepreneurship is in your best interest. 


Unit 1: An introduction to operations

Unit 2: Budgeting for your business

You will create...

  • A proof-of-concept product to show that what you plan on selling through your business is realistic

You will complete...

  • Our intake survey and other intake paperwork

  • A simple business plan

You will be ready to create a rppf pf concept

Girl Planting Tree [Stage 1]

Phase 2 - GROW

It’s time to bring your plan to life. In the GROW phase, we will
help you nurture your idea into one that bears fruit.

Lessons in this Phase:

Manufacturing Costs
Customer Profiles
Your Marketing Mix
Brand Development
Content Creation
Integrated Marketing
Financial Logistics

You will create

  •  Improved versions of your products

  • Social Media Accounts for your business 

  • And we will recommend that you open a bank account for your business

Girl Picking Appls from Tree [Stage 2]
GROW homepage
We GREW an urban garden!

Phase 3 - Run

You are now in business! How 'bout them apples? In the RUN phase, we begin moving away from working on your business plan. The focus of this phase is to learn about how your business actually runs, and what will need to be done to make it sustainable! Sadly, we can't do it all... good thing we will connect you with other agencies that can help you while you continue to run your business with us!

Estimated time to complete phase: As long as you like!


  • Increasing sales

  • Building a website

  • Requesting equipment, supplies and materials from your DRS counselor

  • Shipping products

  • Fulfilling orders

  • Getting connected with our partner agencies

  • Marketing and advertising

  • And more!

RUN Homepage
Girl Selling Candy Apples [Stage 3]
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