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Mentor Like Never Before

Taking on the role of a mentor is an opportunity to gift your experience and
knowledge to others by supporting people with disabilities in a setting that unlike
any mentorship experience you’ve encountered!

Our interns and mentors
specialize in a variety of
fields like marketing,
accounting, psychology,
and others!


Most interns and mentors are from UIC but, in general, our mentors are
undergraduate or graduate students that work one-on-one with entrepreneurs to
assist with each aspect of their business. Is it work? You bet. Is it a challenge? It
can be. Is it rewarding? Yes, like nothing else you’ve ever done.

You can change someone’s life! Start by mentoring a SELL entrepreneur, and
then watch how it changes yours.

Meet the Mentors

Let's Chat!

You’ve come this far. Thank you! That means the world to us. We are always eager
to share the stories of the entrepreneurs in the SELL program, and the role the
Artfully Gifted Foundation (AGF) plays in their success.

We would love to learn more about you and your interest in AGF and the SELL
program. Drop us a line below, we’ll get back to you within two days!

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