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Da Wen Mei

E-Commerce Content Manager

Da Wen Mei was 3-years old when he came from China, where he was told he could not receive education due to his disability. Da is now a high school graduate and works with the Artfully Gifted Foundation. Da is very dedicated to his work at Artfully Gifted, and works hard to release content on the webstore efficiently. Da finishes tasks given to him on a timely matter. Da enjoys surfing the internet, exploring new places with friends, and going to First Baptist Church on Sundays.

Would you like to continue helping with Artfully Gifted's quality service for faster processing? Donate now to support our E-Commerce Content Manager Da Wen Mei, who receives 5% of the revenue per product sold on the Artfully Gifted site. He is in charge of managing store content and improving our store quality. If you would like to continue to show support for Da’s work, please donate by clicking below. And if you'd like to reach him, fill out the form on the right to email him. Thank you!

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