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Comprehensive Business development services

The Artfully Gifted Foundation offers a variety of services to help you start, grow, or run a business. Keep reading to learn more!​

Business Planning Course

We offer free courses on how to complete your business plan, apply for government grants, and more. All of our lessons are accessible online, free of cost. We also provide trained business mentors who can guide you through the course, whether in-person or off-campus!
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Business Mentorship

We will provide access to a mentor that will help you through the business planning process and provide guidance through business operations.​

Startup Grants

Small grants are awarded for “proof of concept” and start-up grants up to $2500.00.


The Artfully Gifted website has a full functioning e-commerce page that will advertise, sell and ship your physical products.

Production Lab

For the entrepreneur that designs products, the AGF production center will fulfill your product orders, i.e. t-shirts, mugs, plaques, etc.   
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